Gyve helps you develop generosity in your organization in three unique ways:

Gyve “Round Up”

Donors have the option to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar. Gyve will automatically donate the change from that transaction to your organization.  Our “round-up” giving is an easy way to promote generosity for specific charities, missions or special projects. 

Customized Reporting

You get a detailed look at giving trends and demographics in whatever format you want to see them. This allows you to better understand how users are giving and where you can help them in their generosity journey.

Automated Messaging

You can send a “thank you” message automatically. A thank you message can go to those who give for the first time, hit a specific giving goal or whenever it makes sense. With our portal, you can share generosity moments with everyone involved in giving or narrow it down to a specific type of giver. By capturing the testimony of a recipient on video, you can easily share the story of who was blessed through your organization's generosity automatically.

Our Philosophy

Gyve is not just another payment processing app. We are a generosity system built on one simple concept; everyone in your organziation is at a different place in their generosity journey. We want to help you encourage each person to take their next steps in giving.

We have identified four different types of givers and developed a platform that supports moving people through these stages to grow in their generosity.
The Giving Ladder


This type of giver is someone who decides to give for the first time.  This is someone who has put their trust in your organzation's mission and is ready to take a first step in their generosity journey.


This type of giver is someone who is giving to your organization on a consistent basis.   With regular giving, a person has planned to give consistenly as part of their budget. A person at this stage in their generosity journey begins to use the recurring giving option in the Gyve app.


This type of giver is asking the question, “Why am I giving more to my cable bill than I am to a mission I am passionate about?" This giver decides to make an intentional choice that reflects how they give in relation to other things they spend their money on. This is the moment in someone's generosity journey when they decide to give a certain amount/percentage of their income to a specific organization.


A radical giver’s commitment to giving reflects their true passion for their organization's mission. In this stage in someone's generosity journey, the way they give to an organization dictates the rest of his/her spending lifestyle. A radical giver's commitment to generosity helps them prioritize your organziation's mission.

The only platform that helps people take next steps with giving.

The App

The Portal

Our app is just the beginning! We have a full service portal that allows your organization to track key metrics of those giving to your cause. We have created a proprietary advanced search methodology that allows you to not only find specific giving trends, but also gives your organization the ability to save those search criteria as groups and target message them on one time or recurring basis. This allows you to be specific in your communication to unique sets of givers and address them where they are today in their giving journey.

Giver History